Readings 1: Digital Photography & Social Networking

Facebook: some think its amazing, some think its dangerous. I think it isn’t the site that is bad, but the people who join. I remember when I first heard the word “Facebook”. I was fourteen hanging out with my older sister and her friends. I had a myspace account already but when I heard about Facebook I just remember I was very disappointed. At that time you could only join Facebook if you were a college student. Oh! How times have changed!

I agree with the article “The Avatar of Me”. Each and every single thing we post to our profiles reflects on the people that we are. I’ll admit it right now, I have consciously  made picture, statuses, and tagline choices since being a member of Facebook. I have even typed up a status and then took it down because I was thinking too much about what other people would think. It could bring unnecessary anxiety into ones life.

Does it bring me stress? I can honestly say it doesn’t. Could I see it bringing other people stress? Yes. It’s all about how you view the site and how you use it. Now that I am older, and I like to think a little wiser, I do not use Facebook all that often. It was once a tool to meet people and make plans, and now I use it more to keep in touch with people and keep updated with what is happening in my “real friends” lives. It a positive tool in that aspect.

When I was reading the assigned articles I could not help but think about the MTV show Catfish. It is a show where people are in relationships with other people they have never met. They go and meet these people. Most of the time they are greatly disappointed. They have been deceived by these people for years.

These social networking sites allow people to enter relationships only knowing what is posted on the profiles created. Facebook allows people to hide who they really are. It allows people to become personas of who they WANT to be.

I really found the article “Here I Am Taking My Own Pictures”  interesting because it was written in 2006. Not that much has changed just now they are known as “Selfies”. It is now a whole new phase in photography. Which I think is so neat!

I understand why parents would be so nervous about their children entering a social networking site but at the same time, this is the era their children are growing up in. They need learn to be safe while creating a profile but I think it is a must have. There are pros and cons to everything. If one is careful and selective of who they allow in their online world then I think networking sites are positive. Its when people allow anyone and everything into their online world that it gets tricky. You might be honest on your profile but not everyone is. It is very easy to lie and deceive others over the web because they can not see you and you are not held accountable. I think, you should only put personal pictures or posts on the web that you would be proud of in years to come.

As far as the girls scout article goes, I couldn’t help but think, what about young adolescent males? It is the same for everyone. I know that the girls scouts are trying to promote safe and positive profiles but I think they should include the boys as well. Yes, being an adolescent girl is difficult and they all want to be liked and viewed as fun and pretty but boys also go through a rough adolescent phase. A lot of young boys feel pressure to be cool and fun too. Maybe the Boy Scout of America can write an article too.

My last name begins with “C” so I read “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?”

I don’t think its Facebook that is making us lonely but the amount of time spent on Facebook is. Since the internet was made available in homes, contact between humans has diminished.  We have become distant with one another. We text instead of call. Email instead of going into work. The social connection between one another has gone from face to face, to online. I understand that it is easier to communicate through the internet.  Contact between each other is very important. All I could think reading this article was about laughter. Laughter soothes the soul. Laughing makes people feel better. If someone is feeling down and is talking online to a friend a “Lol” doesn’t have the same affect as a good laugh.




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